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Introduction to Pilates Workshop - Ideal for beginners or those returning to Pilates

Time: Saturday 6th January 10am - 11.30am

Location: Studio One, Nettlebed, RG9 5TX

Cost: £22.50 per person

Suitable for total Pilates beginners or those looking to refresh their technique

Suffering from aches and pains? Would you like to move better? Feel stronger? More flexible? Maybe you have been told by your GP or physio that you should do Pilates but aren't sure what it's all about....

If you are new to Pilates and are wondering what it's all about, or maybe you have attended classes before but would like a refresh of your Pilates principles and fundamentals, then this workshop is for you.

Within this hour and half workshop, I will go through the key Pilates fundamentals of Breathwork, Centering, Concentration, Precision, Control and Flow and help you feel and understand these within your own body so that you can get the most from your Pilates practice. During the session, we will go through some basic exercises to ensure that you are doing them with good form and technique and along the way, I will explain key terms and terminology such as 'neutral spine', 'rib to hip' connection and 'scapula stability' so that you can join a group class with a little bit of knowledge and understanding already under your belt! The class will include standing and mat work with a mixture of mobility, myofascial release, strength work, flexibility and relaxation Ideal if you are looking to start classes when the new term starts back in the New Year. Booking is essential and class numbers will be limited so that I can give everyone attending the help and attention they need.

Workshop cost £22.50 per person. Please contact Rebecca Morris on 0791 221 5875 or for booking and payment details



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