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Pilates is an ideal exercise to do both during and after your pregnancy.  As well as addressing the postural imbalances and issues pregnancy can cause, it will also prepare you for the birth and help you regain your post-pregnancy fitness levels.  Even if you have never taken a class before, Pilates is a great way to keep you healthy and mobile throughout your pregnancy.




Ante-natal Pilates is a gentle, low impact class that keeps the whole body flexible whilst strengthening your core and pelvic floor to help prevent low back pain that can be caused by the extra weight on the spine during pregnancy.  We also focus on breath technique and our mind/body connection to help during labour.  


Post-natal Pilates is usually started once your have been cleared to exercise by your midwife, usually 6 weeks after the birth.  In this class, we focus on regaining your pelvic floor and abdominal strength as well as addressing postural issues that can arise from the demands of having a new baby.

Private session with 1 person - £45

Private session with 2 people - £30 each

Group session with 3-6 people - £15 per session (course of 4)

Pre and post-natal classes run subject to demand.  Please call 0791 221 5875 to check for course dates.

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