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The Pilates Reformer is a fantastic piece of equipment that enables you to train against resistance to create length, strength, flexibility and balance throughout the body.  

It is incredibly versatile and exercises can be adapted and modified to suit all ability levels and body types.  Ideal for those who are looking to tone and strengthen their body as well as those who might be returning to exercise after injury, the Reformer is brilliant at identifying areas of strength and weakness to enable you to improve muscle balance and postural alignment. 

Group reformer classes are small to ensure that every students gets the attention they need both to ensure they are exercising safely and getting the most from each session.  Classes are currently limited to just 3 people under the current Covid guidelines and 5 people when social distancing isn't in place.  Group classes run termly and are held on the days and times below.  Private sessions can be arranged via appointment.

Group classes £23 per session, payable termly.

Private session with 1 person - £60



Tuesdays 8.00pm at Studio One, Nettlebed

A great all round class for those who are new to the Reformer, you'll learn how to apply the Pilates principles to ensure you get the most from your workout, whilst being introduced to the basic Reformer exercises with modifications and progressions given as required.


RISE & SHINE GROUP REFORMER (summer term only)

Fridays 8.15am at Studio One, Nettlebed

Start your day feeling great with an early bird Reformer class! Timed so that you can complete the class at the start of the day, your body will feel energised, toned and stretched. and mentally ready to take on the activities of the day. 

For class availability and term dates, please call 0791 221 575 or click here to use the Contact Me form.

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