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Mat Pilates Wallingford


All group classes are primarily course-based and class numbers are small so that all clients get the most from each session.  Some sessions are studio-based only and others are run as hybrid classes that run face-to-face and online via Zoom for those who prefer to exercise in their own home.  Courses need to be paid for in advance with each session costing £12.  Course dates may vary.  Please click here to request more information.  

Mat Pilates Wallingford


Monday 10.30am at Studio One, Nettlebed - Studio based only
Monday 11.45am at Studio One, Nettlebed - Studio-based only
Monday 5.30pm at Studio One, Nettlebed - Studio and Online

Suitable for most levels of ability, including those who are new to Pilates, this class is structured to enable clients to work to their own level.  Focusing on the Pilates principles and technique, the class consists of easier prep exercises which are then progressed to higher levels where ability allows.  

Mat Pilates Wallingford


Monday 8.00pm at Studio One, Nettlebed

For those who are familiar with the Pilates principles and exercises, these classes are aimed at an improvers/intermediate level and are structured so that participants can work at a level suitable for them with adaptions and progressions offered where needed.

Mat Pilates Wallingford


Monday 6.45pm at Studio One, Nettlebed

An ideal class if you are new to Pilates.  You’ll receive lots of support and encouragement to learn the basic principles of alignment, breathing and core control and be introduced to the main Pilates exercises and how to undertake them with good technique.

Mat Pilates Wallingford

MEN'S PILATES - Studio-based only

Wednesday 3.30pm at Studio One, Nettlebed

A great class if you are looking to improve your flexibility and address those postural issues that affect us all as we get older.  This is a small and friendly session where we also look to build our core strength and improve balance.  All of which helps to reduce the risk of injury in everyday life and is perfect to complement other sport's activities, such as, golf or tennis or just improve those back aches and pains!

Mat Pilates Wallingford

INTERMEDIATE PILATES - Studio-based only

Thursday 3pm at Studio One, Nettlebed

A slightly higher level class for those who have a base-level of fitness and have a good understanding of Pilates techniques and are familiar with the basic exercises.

Mat Pilates Wallingford

MIXED ABILTY PILATES - Studio-based and online

Friday 11.45am at Studio One, Nettlebed

A fun and gentle session in which to learn and build on the basic Pilates exercises and principles whilst focussing on increasing flexibility, building core strength and improving balance and posture. The class will focus on ensuring good form and technique in order to advance your practice at a comfortable pace.

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