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Have you met Mindy?

Meet Mindy. She's been created to show how the human race's posture might evolve by the year 3000 due to our heavy use of technology. It's worth noting that she was created as a 'discussion' point by a company who create hands-free technology so probably needs to be taken with a large dose of salt - the second eyelid is probably a case in point. However, some of the postural changes they suggest, such as the rounded shoulders and forward head posture, can definitely be seen today as a result of our modern lifestyle.

The key to preventing these postural issues developing (when due to lifestyle habits) is awareness and movement. Being in any position for a long period of time on a daily basis is going to create stress on the body and even more so when it is encouraging poor posture. Where we can, we need to keep moving which can be difficult if your work prevents it. Assess how you spend most of your day - maybe you are seated at a desk, driving, looking down at a workbench, lying underneath a car bonnet, gaming on a Playstation or spending time on mobiles and iPads - and then consciously make time to ensure that you move. Get up and walk around, even a 5 or 10 minute break taken at intervals throughout the day can really help. Add in some daily stretches that counterbalance this usual static position and you'll really start to feel and see the difference a bit of awareness and movement can make.

If you spend your day hunched over a desk or laptop, try this 25min video (click on the image) to help mobilise and release tension in the upper back and neck to try and prevent those rounded shoulders.

Don't end up like Mindy!

Click here to read the full article about Mindy.



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